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Ways To Use Tiki Torches Safely With Ground Stake To Lit Your Backyard

Are you watching out for ideas to spice up your backyard in time for the night party for which you just invited your friends? Or maybe you crave something unprecedented for a beautiful ambiance when you plan family dinners or when on a date with your partner. You can never go amiss with tiki torches standing on that metal torch stake, allowing them to stand upright in the wind, storm, rain, and the most obstinate dirt or sand.

Our tiki torches collection is impressive and can make your backyard, driveways, patio, deck stand out. At Halo fire Torch, our tiki torches come in varying shapes and sizes. We also offer Torch stake for free with each product, along with a tiki torch. Our torch stake makes torch installation as easy as possible, letting you enjoy (runs up to 2 hours). If you're hosting an outdoor dinner or a family get-together, setting up a backyard paradise isn't a hassle anymore!

For your information, with the help of a torch ground stake, you can light up torches in seconds. The sturdy metal construction keeps even the big tiki torches standstill in your yard. Some manufacturers or creative homeowners use standard tiki torches, including empty whiskey bottles, wooden build torches, and calabash-inspired tiki torches. 

Tiki torches can furnish you with the backyard you always dreamt of having a pleasant ambiance. Since tiki torches deal with smoke-filled or smokeless flammable fluids and open fire, they have the ability to become vulnerable if not rightly set up, used, or stored. Tiki torches have the ability to additionally chase away mosquitoes and other bugs when used with citronella. Here are alternatives to using your tiki torches safely and enjoying lit and attractive backyard.

Set up The Metal Torch Stake At Least 6 Feets Aside From Each Other

Placing the torch stakes at least 6 feet apart from one another will provide ample room for pedestrians to walk unobstructedly within them without getting hooked up in flames. Since tiki torches deal with open flames, the likelihood of catching up your hair or clothes with fire is high if the torches are not appropriately aligned and spaced. It will also diminish the uncertainty of accidentally knocking off a tiki torch.

Refilling A Tiki Torch Cautiously

Before refilling a tiki torch, ensure the blaze is out, and the impact is incredible. Prudently twist the ring of the ring to expose the fuel chamber. Moreover, use a funnel to pour in the fuel. Replace the ring of the wick and fasten it cautiously. You must also check around for unexpected spills on your lawn's surface. Rinse it off by soaking the spilled fuel with kitty litter, then apply a cleaner that is able to handle oil & grease to engulf it up.

Place The Ground Stake Away from Overhangs and Flammable Materials To Avoid Accidents Or Fire Outbreaks

If you ask us, we will recommend you not to place the tiki torches near overhangs/ extensions such as trees, fences, ropes, or wires as they can readily induce a fire outbreak. At Halofire Torch, we recommend you to put tiki torches away from combustible substances like gas cylinders, wooden materials, and papers. Ideally, an area of approximately 6-8 feet away from wood and your home will keep the fire in check. This is inherent as the blowing breeze can cause a fire.

Make Sure There Is Proper Ventilation

It would be absurd to place a tiki torch indoors or in a location with inadequate ventilation like an enclosed gazebo or patio. Not only does the flash of fire resemble fabulous dangling outdoors, but it is additionally safer as the likelihood of a fire outbreak is less. Because of its open flame structure, Tiki torches are meant for outdoors and must remain that way.

Extinguishing The Flame

Snuffer caps that come with tiki torches help you put out the flame. Place the snuffer over the wick and flame to execute this cap, and the fire will gradually cease. It will help if you open the snuffer cap once the flame is exposed for the wick to cool. You should then seal it with the lid to preserve the wick from rain & extreme weather conditions.


Tiki torches and metal torch stakes may be ancient, but the style remains eternal. They illuminate up your yard and produce a tranquil ambiance to your home, supplying you with the classic arena for evening parties, dinners, and BBQ party games. Halofire Torch has open flame torches with smokeless flammable fluids, so extreme care must be taken to assure utmost safety. Reach out to the collection day!

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