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Halofire Torch Fuel - Citronella OIL - 1 Gallon

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Fuel for your Halofire Torches. 1 gallon

Purest lamp oil formula, can also be used for other lamp oil burning products.

We cannot guarantee the performance of your torch using any other fuel.

Pour into fuel canister, allow the wick to soak the oil up for a few minutes and it's ready to light.

Never use near another flame or fire. 

Do not use on any surface that will burn, melt, or discolor.

To extinguish, do not blow out, use snuffer.

Glass and metal parts will be hot, so allow time to cool after extinguishing before handling or refueling.

Do not refuel while lit. 

Halofire torches are not recommended for indoor use, but our oil is safe for indoor use with indoor rated products.


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Allan Stewart

Amazing effect! I love these torches

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