Tiki Tornado

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Tiki Tornado is a fun new way to add cozy ambiance to any outdoor space. It has a flame that spins like a tiny vortex fire inside of a beautifully designed glass housing. Our unique engineering allows you to run it on biofuels as well as tiki torch fuels virtually smoke and soot free.

The removable glass is heat resistant and tempered so it can withstand the warmth of the flame and the cool night air at the same time. The metal torch is made with high quality steel right here in the USA with a black powdercoated finish, accented with brushed aluminum and stainless steel details.

Made with high quality materials.

  Eco-friendly: runs on clean burning fuel.

  Safe: torch flame will only burn with wick, just like any regular tiki torch.

  Easy maintenance: no moving parts to replace.

Galvanized and black powder coated steel. Tempered safety glass.

Size when assembled and mounted: 70"h x 8"d x 8"w


Patent pending.

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