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Add a Unique Vacation Vibe to Your Outdoor Oasis with a Large Tiki Torch!

Are you looking for a festive theme for your backyard? Buy a beautiful large tiki torch  and install it in your outdoor area without any second thought. The tiki torch is something that makes it feel like you are at the beach or on an island. These torches can help transform your outdoor oasis into an island getaway. Apart from creating a tropical feel, they also provide a great ambient light source for the area. 

“Choose only one master – tiki torch!”

Make decoration easy for special occasions:

Whether you want to decorate your arena for a reunion, birthday party, or wedding reception, outdoor tiki torches can really help you create a completely new look for that special occasion. They are ideal for beach weddings to create a romantic look and feel, as well as give warm lighting. The best thing is that they are incredibly easy to transport and use, making them perfect for outdoor events where you have limited access to electric lighting.

In addition to this, you can put these tiki torches anywhere because they don’t need electricity. But keep in mind that they are far enough away from anything flammable because they contain an open flame.    

“Spending time outdoors with family and loved ones makes you feel awesome!”

Different types of tiki torches:

There are different types of tiki torches available that fit different needs. For example, some are more durable, and some look more tropical. You just need to choose the best tiki torch set  that suits your needs and budget as well.

If you want a tropical look and want to use them occasionally, it is good to go for bamboo tiki torches. But if you want something that will be long-lasting, then go for metal tiki torches. The care and look of these torches depend upon the material you choose for your tiki torches. 

Another consideration is the type of fuel you will use for your tiki torches. There are two different options available. You can find either oil or gas tiki torches. The different fuels will provide a different type and duration of flame. They will also provide varying ease of use as some will need a fuel tank.   

The beautiful large tiki torch  provides a warm and cozy feel with a soft light that makes the area more attractive for all to enjoy, whether they are for a one-time event or to improve the landscaping of your outdoor area. 

How to set up tiki torches?

Like any other fire feature, a tiki torch set  should be installed with care and attention.

  • Always try to place these tiki torches at least 6 feet away from the house, barn, or other structure.
  • The same consent should be facilitated for the barbecue grill.
  • Remember one thing: never plant a tiki torch under porches, trees, canopies, fences, or other overhangs.
  • Before installing these torches, always try to maintain a safe distance from any type of flammable materials.
  • It is always better to keep the direction of the wind in consideration.
  • Always try to place the torches 7 to 8 feet apart from each other. It will allow people to move around freely and prevent the risk of accidents even if a torch is knocked over accidentally.
  • In order to create a pleasant and welcoming ambiance, space them out evenly.
  • It would be great to drill a hole into the ground so that the spiked end of the natural gas tiki torch can be pushed inside at least up to six to eight inches. For additional stability, pack the hole appropriately with cement or use a torch stake.

The bottom line:

A large tiki torch is always a fun and entertaining addition to any home or event. The tiki torches are always a fun and entertaining addition to any home or event. They are always ready for whatever mood you are in. 

So, what are you waiting for when you have a great option? Just visit Halofire to explore the beautiful collection of tiki torches!


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