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Compare Halofire Torch Models

Light Up the Night With a Tiki Torch Tornado

Halofire's innovative design creates a highly efficient vortex.

How does it do this? The air gaps on the side pull in air which combines with the heat from the flame, creating a tornado fire vortex.

Halofire's patent pending design includes a large torch wick — just like other tiki torches but way more impressive! The large wick and its perfect positioning allow a ribbon of fire to light up your night.

Tiki Torches

How To Assemble Our Halo Tiki Torch

It's simple to put together and start using our tiki torches. Below are the three easy steps to follow so you can enjoy a resort getaway right in your own backyard with the Halo torch.

Step 1

Install and mount glass using the step by step instructions included with your torch.

Step 2

Pour in fuel.

Step 3

Light with flexible long reach lighter and insert the spinner to create a badass and beautiful Halofire flame.


Fire Torch Comparison Chart

Unsure about which Halofire table torch or backyard tiki torch is right for you? The details and highlights of each type of Halofire torch are listed below. To find out more about our torches, please check our FAQ page and read the reviews our customers have left for us - or contact us to assist with any questions you may have!

 The main differences between the torches are size, fuel compatibility, and 

We offer 3 types of fuel: 

1. Citronella Oil: Fights bugs the best. Will smoke some.

2. NO SMOKE: 100% smoke free.

3. Gel: Blue flame. Can burn indoors.


We offer 4 base models:

1. Vortek: Runs on Citronella Oil only. Up to 3.5 hour run time. 14" tall glass.

2. Big Revo: Runs on Citronella Oil or NO SMOKE. Up to 1.5 hour run time (longer with Gator Bowl). 14" tall glass.

3. Lotus: Runs on NO SMOKE. Up to 1.5 hour run time (longer with Gator Bowl). 9" tall glass.

4. Revo: Runs on Gel. Up to 1 hour run time(longer with Gator Bowl). 9" tall glass.

5. Halo: Runs on Citronella Oil or NO SMOKE. Up to 2 hour run time. 9" tall glass.


We offer the Gator Fuel Bowl accessory for the following models as an upgrade for longer run times:

1. Big Revo: Increases run time to 5 hours. 

2. Lotus: Increases run time to 5 hours.

3. Revo: Normally a gel torch, Gator converts Revo to run on Citronella Oil and NO SMOKE with a burn time of 5 hours. 








Shop Vortek >

Our flagship model with the most options to choose from. Runs on Citronella Oil only. The flame is as sexy as the name. Refill by slipping glass panel in and out. 14" tall glass.

Fuel Type Run Time

Originally designed to be a table torch with a wide stance and hard to tip over, customers wanted it as a tiki torch and run longer than the normal 1.5 hours. This is how we came up with the Gator Fuel Bowl. Big Revo has the biggest flame, especially in breezy conditions. Refill by slipping a glass panel in and out. 14" tall glass.
Fuel Type Run Time


(Add the Gator Fuel Bowl for 5 hour run time)

Made to run on gel fuel. You can add the Gator Fuel Bowl to make it the only model that can run on all of the fuels we offer. 9" tall glass.
Fuel Type Run Time

1 Hour

(Add the Gator Fuel Bowl to convert to Citronella Oil and NO SMOKE with a 5 hour run time)

lotus logo

A special design made to run on NO SMOKE. At first glance it looks similar to the other models, but Lotus' unique features will show off the NO SMOKE flame the best! Refill by slipping a glass panel in and out. 9" tall glass.
Fuel Type Run Time

1.5 Hours 

(Add the Gator Fuel Bowl for 5 hour run time)

Halo Torch logo

The original. Fewer parts and bolt on glass make Halo an efficiently priced torch with an impressive vortex flame. Refill by releasing a wing nut on the back panels of glass.  9" tall glass.
Fuel Type Run Time
NO SMOKE or Citronella Oil

2 Hours 

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