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Glass Tiki Torches & Table Torches

Browse our large selection of beautiful and decorative glass tiki torches, table torches & accessories. These are perfect outdoor tiki torch lights for around the fire pit or patio while keeping the mosquitos away with Citronella oil. Each tiki lamp has safe, removable tempered glass and has a unique design with a quality finish. Also, our outdoor torches are made in the USA. Shop for quality outdoor torch sets and modern tiki torches from Halofire.

Light Up Your Backyard With Halofire Luxury Tiki Torches

Looking for some luxury tiki torches for sale? Halofire's decorative tiki torches will light up the night and transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Any outdoor setting can turn into a tropical party with our badass and beautiful tiki torch lights. Want to know more about our tiki torches and how they work?

How Our Torches Work

Tiki Torch Options

Halofire offers a variety of styles of tiki torches, so you can find one that is perfect for your unique needs. From table top torches to traditional patio torches to our massive BIG Revo, Halofire has the tiki torches you are looking for.

Table Torches

Table Top Torches

Besides traditional free-standing tiki torches, Halofire also offers decorative table torches to help you relax in your backyard paradise. Our decorative Halo tabletop tiki torches are easy to set up and ready to use right out of the box.

BIG Revo Tiki Torches

BIG Revo

Your guests will be in awe over Halofire's BIG Revo. The BIG Revo table top and traditional tiki torches will add a special tropical flair to your next backyard gathering.

Vortek Decorative Tiki Torches


Our beautiful Vortek torch set will dance and spin as it lights up the night sky and repels those pesky mosquitoes.

We also offer a selection of tiki torch accessories to keep your patio torches burning bright. Our tiki torch bundles will save you money, combining our tiki torches with fuel and everything you need to make your backyard paradise the envy of all your neighbors.

Set the Right Vibe With Halofire Tiki Torches

Whether you're looking for the awe-inspiring BIG Revo Tiki Torches or a more basic tabletop tiki torch, Halofire luxury tiki torches will help you create the party vibe you're looking for, without having to leave the comfort of your backyard. When you're ready to buy tiki torches, browse our site and find the Halofire tiki torches that light your fire.

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