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Torch Warranty

Our torches are made using quality materials with UV resistant coatings. They are designed with longevity in mind as long as they are cared for. Use a Halofire canvas cover to protect the finish on the torch head and bring the torch into the garage or protected patio area during storms with high winds, just like you would any other outdoor decor.

We offer a 2 year guarantee on construction. There is no explicit guarantee for finishes due to the highly variant climates and their affect on powdercoat, paint and natural metal surfaces including stainless steel.

We recommend stainless steel products for coastal and high moisture areas and if a black powdercoat is desired for this type of location, we can powdercoat the stainless steel product for an additional charge upon request.

If the construction of your torch is faulty we will repair or replace as necessary at our discretion. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and enjoying their Halofire products for years to come. 

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