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Big Revo Tiki Torch in a beautiful backyard setting around the pool


Want to add beautiful, modern ambiance to your backyard? Tired of the cheap, boring tiki torches you have to replace every year? An outdoor vortex fire torch from Halofire can instantly transform your space from blah to badass — combined with Halofire fuels, it's the perfect citronella torch to keep the mosquitoes away and create a resort vibe right at home for years to come. Our vortex energy fire torches feature a dancing, spinning flame that brings life to any outdoor space. You can enjoy that feeling of escape without ever leaving your yard with Halofire outdoor tiki torches. It's the All American Tiki Torch, born and made in the USA.

outdoor patio tiki torches


Outdoor designer torch lights from Halofire are the perfect choice for around your pool or patio, giving your yard a warm, inviting glow. Besides adding some killer looks to your backyard, our bug fighting tiki torches are also an amazing way to light up any outdoor event, like a beach wedding or a family reunion. Like our BIG Revo Fire Torch, that will have your neighbors and guests in awe, basking in the light of its massive flame. Check out the Halo tiki torch, designed to fit any space, so size is never an issue.

With Halofire, you're in control of the mood. Our patent pending engineering lets you manipulate the flame to be calm and relaxing or bold and invigorating!


Halofire Is The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Torch Lights!

Whether you're looking at our elegant VORTEK (with a K) Fire Lamps or the mesmerizing Big Revo 5 Hour Burn Torches, a citronella torch is extremely practical, helping protect your family from mosquitos. These torch lights will also make incredible additions to your backyard, creating a feeling of celebration and relaxation. Halofire creates a healthy environment through controlled, chaotic orbital energy; the basis for all of life found at an atomic level. Halofire captures the power of that ethos and delivers a mesmerizing, calming, and awesome ambience. All of our citronella tiki torches are made in the USA. Our outdoor fire torches are easy to use and maintain with no moving parts. Plus, they're eco-friendly, so you can purchase Halofire tiki torch lanterns with the confidence that they're non-toxic to the environment. Our patented engineering allows our fire torches to be much more awesome than your average tiki torch. What makes them so special? Click below to find out.


How Long Will a Halofire Fire Torch Burn?

That depends on which of our outdoor torches you decide to buy. Some will last for an hour, and some will burn up to 5 hours if you add the Gator Bowl conversion kit. Check out our fire torch comparison chart for more information.

Can I use regular tiki torch oil in Halofire torches?

When it comes to the oil option, regular tiki torch oil burns very dirty which will make the glass on a Halofire torch black and sooty. We have designed our fuels for our torches because we couldn't find any on the market that were satisfactory for beauty and practical cost factors (about $1 per hour). We cannot guarantee the performance of our torches running on any other brand of fuel.

I'm Having a Party in Two Weeks. How Fast Can I Get a Citronella Torch Shipped to Me?

We can accommodate your need for products on a case by case basis and there may be additional costs associated. Our normal processing time is 15 business days to prepare your order for shipment. While we can't guarantee carrier transit times, if you need our outdoor torches delivered by a certain date, please call or email us so we can arrange that for you. In general, shipments to the West Coast take 1-2 days, and shipments to the East Coast take 4-5 days.

I've Tried Tiki Torches Before, But They Always Get Blown Out. Do Halofire Table Torches Blow Out Easily?

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The year was 2015. I had a successful design and fabrication business working on A-lister homes and five star hotels. I had seen awesome designer fire features at these luxurious properties and they'd always intrigued me, but were over the top expensive. This spurred me to create something badass that I could afford. So, with a cut off soda can, some blue tape and an obsession for originality, I made my first Halofire tiki torch in the backyard. Many fails later, I finally had a working prototype knew that I was going to make a million Halofire torches if I could perfect it. After a lot of R&D over several years, my backyard hobby blossomed into a product that I took to a Shark Tank audition. Let's just say that didn't go well, but it forced me back to the drawing board.

Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic caused a slow-down in my regular business (as an independent artist designing furniture and lighting since 2010), I turned all my attention to marketing Halofire in order to
supplement my income. Money was tight, but I threw down a chunk on IG ads (it was a little sketch at the time) and finished the first month with over $30K in sales and never looked back.

It wasn’t the perfect product roll out and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the
way, but now, with the support of my family (and a tireless grind) I am blessed beyond measure and proud to say that Halofire is a success made (and made) in
the USA.

Armando and Family

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