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Atlantis Dubai - En Fuego Firebox Project

Atlantis Dubai - En Fuego Firebox Project

Claiming the title of our biggest Halofire project to date, Atlantis Dubai En Fuego Firebox features five foot tall double vortex flames spinning in opposite directions! The wow factor is on full tilt with these giant, otherworldly flames powered by an LC certified electronic ignition system. 

As an indoor fire feature unit, the requisite exhaust system with leak detection and CO2 fire suppression was a mastermind build through the expertise of our development team working with overseas designers, engineers and local government authorities in Dubai. Running on synthetic natural gas, it was a little bit of a challenge to get the system dialed in since we don't have that type of fuel readily available here in the states. All of our standard gas torches run on natural gas or propane.

The hotel ownership spared no expense in allowing us to outfit these bad boys with mirror polished interiors and reflective bronze heat resistant glass.

Enough about the hardware - what about the human side? 

It was amazing to sit back and watch (yes we flew to the United Arab Emirates for the big reveal) hundreds of people from all over the world become mesmerized by the towering infernos as they stopped to gaze. Plenty of selfies were taken and lots of smiles from kids and adults alike could be seen all day and night.

Even the contractors and hotel staff took great pride in having these awesome flames under their roof. What an amazing experience all the way around!

Focal points like giant spinning Halofire features are important elements for adding ambiance and good energy to large format spaces. Whether you’re designing a hotel, restaurant or a luxurious home, get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful staff so we can help make your vision reality.  


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