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Vortek Tiki Torches & Vortex Fire Lamps

Instant excitement... the Vortek Torch is beautiful even before you light it up.

The ultimate in design and performance, Vortek is vortex technology - tiki torch style! With a fully integrated design, this is as close as it comes to a plug-and-play vortex outdoor torch. It's been described as both elegant and badass - we'll take both!

Our Vortek torches feature Halofire's iconic styling with an intuitive and user-friendly design. Each vortex tiki torch is easy to refill with Citronella oil to keep mosquitos away along with removable glass to make it simple to care for. Browse our Vortek collection below at Halofire!

A Badass and Beautiful Vortex Torch

Our Vortek fire vortex lamps are works of art. They combine elegance with a user-friendly design, all in one vortex tiki torch. Halofire tiki torches feature an innovative design that creates a ribbon of fire – a Tiki Tornado – to light up your event. Want to know more about our Vortek fire torches and how they work?

How Our Torches Work

Features of Our Vortek Fire Vortex Lamps

Our Vortek fire vortex lamp is unique for a number of reasons. In addition to looking incredible, these outdoor torches are:

fire vortex lamp


The Vortek line features a number of different styles, including a tiki table lamp, a rail mounted vortex torch, a wall mounted tiki torch and the standard standing Vortek torch, perfect to use as patio torches or pool torches.

fire vortex lamp

Easy to Refill

Our Vortek tiki torches are easy to refill with citronella tiki torch fuel so you won't have to struggle to keep mosquitos away. No muss, no fuss. And no mosquitos.

fire vortex lamp

Simple to Care For

The glass cover is removable so it can easily be washed and replaced on your Vortek outdoor torches. Wipe away any dirt or grime as easily as Halofire's tiki torches can wipe your cares away.

Light Up the Night With Halofire's Vortex Tiki Torches

Whether you're looking for our impressive BIG Revo Tiki Torches or a more basic tabletop tiki torch, Halofire luxury tiki torches will give you the tropical party vibe you're looking for, in the comfort of your backyard. Browse our site and find the Vortek fire vortex lamp that lights your fire.

fire vortex lamp
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